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Wave Visions, is an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of Medical / Surgical / Hospital Equipment including LED Operation Theatre Room Light – HEXA WAVE®, LED Cold Light Source for Endoscopy / Laparoscopy – COOL WAVE, LED Exam Light - SPOT WAVE®, Head Wave® - LED Head Light source

Products Description
Product Category Product Sub-Category Product Name Technical Details ITC HS Codes Certification/ Standard Issuing Agency Date of Issue Date of Expiry End Use Sectors Product Images
Instruments & Appliance Operation Theatre Lights Operation Theatre Lights 901890OTHR INSTRMNTSANDAPPLNCS OF MEDICAL SCIENCE   CE --- 24-09-2012 23-09-2018 Hospital, Medical, Surgical 4
Manufacturer of Medical Devices
Operation Theatre has different lighting systems depending upon the type of surgeries being performed under it. The OT (operation theatre) Light can be either Ceiling mounted, wall mounted or portable/mobile/roller based. It can also be either Single dome, dual dome, triple dome depending upon the type of complexity and number of surgeons operating. Also the intensity of the OT light varies depending upon the type of surgeries, depth, area to be covered, shadowlessness, etc.. HexaWave LED OT Lights manufactured by Wave Visions has all variants along with some other features like camera attachment, remote control, etc...
Each Major or Minor operation Theatre (room ) must have at least one Operation Theatre Light, and all surgeries have to take place in operation theatre. and mostly each surgeon in private sector operates in individual OT. Currently there may be around 60,000 to 80,000 operation rooms in India in operating condition.
Wave Visions is supplying to all hospitals -state and central Government hospitals, Military hospitals, ESIC, Semi government hospitals, Private corporate hospitals and individual surgeons' hospitals. The Export portion currently is very small, though Wave Visions has exported in past.
Wave Visions has no patents, however our product brands are trademark registered e.g. HexaWave, SpotWave, HeadWave, etc..
Best Innovation in electronics sector in MSME from NPC, Govt of India in 2014-15.